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Remember those bumper stickers, "Random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beautify?" People would do things like pay tolls for the car behind them.


These days, I find the lines are blurred between school and Real Life. Student life often means spending a cozy evening with your computer or heading to the boardroom for an on-site lesson.

Ten tips for cats who are forced to relocate with their owners

If you've just bought a house, you may be able to relate to a fascinating essay in Maya Angelou's book, Even the Stars Look Lonesome.

Lazy, sun-filled days on the beach. Long, warm evenings in the garden, your faithful flea-treated dog lying by your side. Blue jays disrupting your peaceful mornings. You eat breakfast near the open window, savoring the smell of new-mown grass. You can go anywhere in shorts and a tee and feel dressed up.

Welcome aboard! Delighted you have accepted a position as planning analyst with Mega Corp. See you in September, as they say.

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