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Starting your own Small Business

Entrepreneurs tend to be strong, independent people with little experience in getting help. Therefore, they often end up with the coach from hell. They grab the first resource that comes along and follow instructions brilliantly. Too late, they realize they're following a lost leader.

Hermione (naturally, that's not her real name) was getting increasingly frustrated with her new business.

Start a business someday -- maybe now!

When I started my business, I wanted to save time and make more money. A marketing coach, I thought, was the answer.

Starting a small business? Don't be squeamish.
Customers want you to ask for the money.

Whether you work one-to-one or deal with customers in groups, you identify a target market of customers most likely to value what you can offer. You design processes to fit the tastes of those clients. You anticipate their requests.

Customer service is the unglamorous but surprisingly fun side of marketing.

Ten ways NOT to set up a website-based service business

When I contemplated starting a business, I got lots of horrible advice. I still refer to one advisor as "the coach from hell." As I attended classes and talked to various advisors, I kept hearing ten myths that were often presented as core wisdom.

Michael refuses to offer a free trial consultation. "They can read my articles or ebooks," he shrugs. His business is booming.

Like many net junkies, I tend to sign up in haste and unsubscribe at leisure. Most sites make it easy -- except for an ezine I'll call "Hal's Place."

Clients who start an e-business often seek mentors who will share their secrets of success.

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